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Ironman Distance

At Mark Allen Coaching we don't believe in prescription coaching plans. We present you with options. If you find that maybe you were a little ambitious in your choice of programs, take a step back. If you think you want to put in a little more work, then move up.

We try to give you an accurate description of each of our programs, and let you make the choices. There is even some adaptability built into each program so it flexes a little to meet the demands of your life.

This is the dream distance for any triathlete. The quest to complete an IRONMAN was what inspired me to take up the sport in 1982. It was the most complex distance to get right. But when it finally did come together, the experience was by far the most fulfilling of my career.

Which Option Should I Choose?


It’s back to basics. Build the length of the long days but cut back on the number of workouts per week. That is what I did for my first full distance triathlon that I raced. This program is built around that concept. It’s how I made the transition from training for a 70.3 triathlon to training for a full IRONMAN.

The IRONMAN Level One is the ideal way to prepare for your first full distance triathlon. It takes the “intimidation” factor out of the experience with training that is manageable but extremely effective and efficient. If you have trained for and raced at least one 70.3, this will be the most natural feeling transition into the ultimate triathlon race distance! Included are two workouts in each sport per week (an endurance session and a shorter faster session) plus two strength sessions for a total of 8 workouts weekly.

Recommended Experience: It is recommended that you have trained for and completed at least one 70.3 triathlon prior to taking on the IRONMAN Level One training schedule. While this program will start you out exactly where you are at with your fitness, it will progress up in the longer sessions to a level that is best built on the experience and fitness gained from doing at least one 70.3 race before.


This program is how I built on my overall full distance fitness once I had some solid experience under my belt. The number of weekly workouts went up, which helped expand my endurance engine.

The IRONMAN Level Two training plans are designed for anyone who has done at least one full distance triathlon or at least two to three 70.3 races already and is looking for a step up to the full IRONMAN experience. You will see how easy it is to achieve that next level of goals with the IRONMAN Level Two plans while still maintaining life balance. Included are the core 8 weekly workouts all of our plans have plus the addition of a medium length workout in each sport weekly for a total of 11 sessions per week.

Recommended Experience: It is recommended that you have training for and completed at least two to three 70.3 distance triathlons or at least one full distance triathlon. The overall volume is going to be roughly 25-30% more than what you would get for one of our 70.3 Level Two training programs. While this is not a huge increase, it is important to already have a base of fitness and experience in the sport.

IRONMAN Level Three

When I finally honed in my time and recovery management I was ready for this level of training for the full distance. Yes, it is demanding, but with the right experience it is also manageable and can supercharge your results that have been building for a few years.

The IRONMAN Level Three training plans are about adding in the final touches that will be a small addition to your overall training load, but will enable you to reap the top level of what you are capable of. It’s our gold standard IRONMAN guidance designed for those with several years experience in the sport who have worked the kinks out in terms of blending training and life. The additional frequency of workout sessions is always done in a way that enables you to still have time for life’s commitments outside of the sport. Included are all the sessions of the Level Two training plans plus an additional shorter recovery workout in each sport weekly.

Recommended Experience: It is highly recommended that you have already completed at least one IRONMAN Level Two training plan and know that you will likely be capable of handling 4 workouts/week in each sport plus two strength sessions. In addition, it’s important to assess your personal time available for training. While the overall volume is not significantly larger than the IRONMAN Level Two schedules, it will be noticeable that you are doing more. And keep in mind that more is only better if you have the time to fit the additional training and the time needed for recovery into your life!

The Basic Plan:

$179 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment

  • We've broken the program into three training phases. This allows you to point to a goal race with the same approach the pros apply to their training.
  • Every workout comes with notes to guide you, so you know exactly what you should be doing far beyond time and distances.
  • Add race feature that enables you to incorporate multiple races into your training program. These would have a choice of either a 4 or a 10-day taper option for added races.
  • Includes the Pain & Injury Report (PAIR) feature.

The Plus Plan:

$199 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment

  • All features of the Basic Plan plus the following:
  • A pass to the monthly Mark Allen Coaching Question and Answer show on our private YouTube channel where viewers can post questions via chat, and Mark can answer as many as possible in 30 minutes.
  • A subscription to the Mark Allen Coaching Monthly Coaching Magazine with articles on training, racing, and life as a triathlete. The magazine is delivered via email and gives you a private url that will deliver each edition on any device.
  • A Mark Allen Coaching Racing Team membership.