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December 2018

Garmin® Connect IQ™ App

Build structured workouts in our web beta platform and then download and execute them on your Connect IQ™ enabled watch or cycling computer.

  • Download today's workout, or up to 5 days of future workouts
  • Select from future and past workouts on your Garmin device
  • Use our workout builder to build workouts using pace, power and heart rate values, zones and percentages
  • After completion sync results back to your Final Surge training calendar, completing the workout for both you and your coach to analyze.

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October 2018

New Web Platform Beta

We've been hard at work developing the next generation of our web platform. Our goal is to bring the same clean design and intuitive functionaliy from our award winning apps to the web.

  • Improved calendar featuring infinite scroll and multiple color options
  • Revamped workout library allowing you to search, filter and sort with ease
  • Workout notifications from our apps are now included in our web platform
  • New date range labeling feature, allowing athletes and coaches to highlight training periods, taper weeks, and more

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June 2018

Pain & Injury Report

The Pain & Injury Report (PAIR) is a simple way for athletes and coaches to track pain and injuries that occur during workouts.

  • Quickly record Pain Level, Pain Duration, and Pain Trend for a given workout
  • Email and app push notifications for coaches when athletes record pain records
  • View and record through both the Final Surge apps and full web platform

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April 2018

Social Walls for Teams and Clubs

Coaches can now enable a private social wall for their athletes, teams and clubs. This is a full social media experience and allows athletes to interact and motivate each other.

  • Post multiple photos, articles and videos
  • Share your workout on Final Surge and let others see your stats
  • Send comments, like posts and engage with others through both the apps and our full web platform

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March 2018

Mailbox Added to iOS & Android Apps

We have added the Mailbox from our full web platform to our apps, and have enabled push notifications each time you receive a new message.

  • Coaches can send Mailbox messages to individual and multiple athletes, as well as entire teams
  • In addition to an email message, a push notification is also sent to the Final Surge apps
  • Athletes and Coaches can view and respond to messages through the full web platform, their email client, or the Final Surge apps

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February 2018

Support for Pace Zones

In addition to setting up heart rate and power zones, you can now set up pace zones for each activity type.

  • View time spent in each zone for individual workouts from imported GPS data
  • Run reports and view time spent in pace zones over a custom date range and from your Final Surge Dashboard
  • View data in a tabular or graphic format (bar and pie chart)

September 2017

Support for Running Power and Running Dynamics

We now display running power metrics from both Stryd and Garmin devices, including all running dynamics metrics as well.

  • Running power averages and maxes are displayed and charted on our full web application
  • Stryd power metrics also include form power and leg spring stiffness
  • Running dynamics metrics include Vertical Oscillation, Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, Ground Contact Balance and Vertical Ratio.

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July 2017

The New Final Surge iOS & Android Apps

The brand new Final Surge App is here!

  • Completely rebuilt from the ground up with a fresh new look and color-code calendar views
  • New Quick Complete, Quick View and Quick Comment feature to get to important data as efficiently as possible
  • Splits, Charts, Time in Heart & Power Zones, Workout History pages and much more

Find out more and watch our intro video for the new Final Surge App!

February 2017

Ability to Edit GPS Imported Data

You can now edit imported GPS workout data in Final Surge. This allows you to adjust statistics such as distance, duration, elevation, heart rate, power and more.

  • Adjust distance and duration (great for treadmill workouts or spotty GPS reception)
  • Edit other sensor data such as cadence, heart rate, elevation, power and calories burned
  • Works on both the full Final Surge training log and our mobile apps

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November 2016

Improved Daily Vitals and Graphing

We now have a fully dedicated Daily Vitals page that allows you to select a date range and chart these metrics to help better access your recovery while training.

  • New metrics of Steps and Heart Rate Variability have been added.
  • Allows both you and your coach to quickly view a pre-defined date range of values or enter a custom date range to better access patterns in these metrics.
  • Our new Daily Vitals chart allows you to graph this data and easily toggle on and off the variables you want to focus on.

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September 2016

Strava Sync

You can now sync your Strava account with Final Surge, enabling any workout uploaded to your Strava account to automatically populate your Final Surge training log calendar.

  • Any new workout that is uploaded to Strava or synced with Strava from a device will automatically be sent to Final Surge and populate your training calendar.
  • You can now use the Strava iOS or Android app and workouts recorded with that app will automatically get uploaded to Final Surge.
  • Strava has automatic sync options with devices such as Polar, Suunto, TomTom, Fitbit, Wahoo and many more. Any of these devices that are synced with your Strava account will automatically import into your training log.

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August 2016

Heart Rate & Power Zone Reports

Heart Rate and Power Zone reports allow you to determine the duration you are spending in zones over specified periods of time. Our new zone dashboard chart also gives you a quick snapshot of this data.

  • In addition to Training Volume chart, the Dashboard page now contains a Zone Duration chart that allows you to toggle between the various actvivity type zones you have set up.
  • The new Zone Report page lets you select a custom date range and view time spent in each heart rate and power zone you have configured.
  • Group the zone data by zone, day, week or month to get multiple views.

Find out more about the new Zone Report feature!

Advanced Workout Analysis Updates

Updates to our Advanced Workout Analysis page allows you to drill down into your data, viewing metrics on specific segments you highlight.

  • Zoom in on the chart with your mouse and view the averages, minimums and maximums for each data series that is within the highlighted area.
  • Toggle the x-axis data to display each series over distance or duration.
  • View your workout map (if GPS data exists for the workout) and watch the map marker move through the workout as you hover over the data chart. This allows you to better understand where you were during each segment of your workout in relation to your data.

Find out more about the Advanced Workout Analysis updates!

June 2016

Workout Completion Color Coding

You can now see a color coded view of your calendar based on how much of the workout you have completed. This allows both coaches and athletes to quickly see how training is going and if there were any workouts that did not get completed as planned.

  • Quickly toggle this view on and off from the calendar.
  • Customize what percentage of workout completion will trigger each color.
  • If you are a coach, quickly see if a workout has been missed or not completed properly so that you can provide feedback to your athlete.

Find out more about the Workout Completion Color Coding feature!

March 2016

Coaching Files & Resources

As a Coach, you can now create Resource Libraries which are collections of text, images, file uploads and embedded videos. Share these libraries with your athletes and teams as an easy way to give instructions and pass information along more effectively.

  • Create unlimited Resource Libraries and fill them with an unlimited amount of Resources (files uploads, embedded videos, images and/or text).
  • Easily share each Resource Library with an individual athlete, coach or an entire team.
  • Your athletes will have access to these resources on both the full site and our mobile apps.

January, 2016

Team Message Boards

Coaches now have the ability to create message boards and allow one or more teams to interact with each other through a discussion forum. This is great for answering training questions or discussing topics such as racing, nutrition, gear and much more!

  • Create one or more message boards and allow one or more teams to access each board.
  • As the coach, you can also moderate the board with special permissions to make sure your athletes stay on topic.
  • Available on full site and mobile apps!

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September, 2015

Hiding Future Planned Workouts from Athletes

As a coach, sometimes you like to plan out an entire season or training period for an athlete, but you don't necessarily want that athlete to see their entire schedule all at once. Our new Hide Workouts feature will allow you to hide portions of an athlete's calendar so that they only see the planned workouts that you want them to.

  • Hide a specific number of days out from the current date. Everything after that number of days will be hidden to the athlete.
  • Or, set a hard date that you never want the athlete to see past. Setting that date will allow the athlete to see all workouts that are before the date you set, but they will never be able to see any workouts that you put on the calendar after that date.

Find out more about the Hiding Workouts feature!

Assistant/Multiple Coaches

You can now invite other coaches in the system to share teams in your account. This is great for coaching businesses with multiple coaches or for head/assistant coaching relationships such as at colleges and high schools.

  • Both head and assistant coach will have full access to athlete and team calendars
  • Allows a head coach to watch over team training while the assistants do the day-to-day communication with athletes

Find out more about the new Manage Coaches feature!

June, 2015

Copy, Move and Delete Multiple Weeks

We now have a bulk copy/shift/delete feature that allows you to edit a range of workouts instead of having to edit just one at a time. Simply select a date range from your calendar and apply the functionality you want!

  • Copy, move and delete up to 60 days of workouts at a time
  • If you are a coach, copy from any athlete or team calendar onto any other athlete or team calendar
  • Move and delete large blocks of workouts with ease, making workout schedule planning even quicker!

Find out more about our Bulk Copy, Move and Delete feature!

February, 2015

Third Party Calendar Syncing

You can now sync your Final Surge training calendar with third party sites and applications like iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar and more!

  • View upcoming workouts on the calendar of your choice
  • Third party calendar automatically refreshes to reflect changes in your schedule
  • Syncs 14 days out from the current day

Find out more about Calendar Syncing here!

January, 2015

The Drag and Drop Calendar

Workouts on your Final Surge calendar are now draggable. This new feature makes planning and rearranging workout calendars much quicker and will save both coaches and athletes a lot of time.

  • Drag an existing workout to move it to a new day
  • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then drag a workout to a new day to copy it
  • Drag a workout from your workout library directly to your calendar to add a new workout

Find out more about Drag & Drop here!

November, 2014

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

You can now find us on iOS and Android. Quickly access your training log using the app. Additionally, you can now workout with your phone, using the phone's GPS to record your workout. Set automatic splits with visual and audio cues at any distance. Or, take manual splits when doing your interval workouts. When you are finished, upload the workout directly to your training log.

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Sync your Garmin Connect and Final Surge Accounts

Uploading your Garmin data to Final Surge just got easier! Our Garmin Connect Sync feature allows you to connect your Gamin Connect account to your Final Surge account. Anything that gets uploaded to Garmin Connect will automatically sync over to Final Surge. Find out more!

August, 2014

Share Your Workout on Social Media

You can now make your workout publicly viewable and share it on social media so that your friends can see what you've been up to!

  • Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • Short URL provided so you can email the link or share on other social networking platforms
  • Public page shows all of your workout statistics, graphs and charts along with your profile picture

Printable Workout

Do you like to print your upcoming workout and take it to the pool or track with you? Now you can.

  • Nice printable format
  • Prints all statistics, graphs and charts from uploaded data
  • Branded with your coach's logo

July, 2014

Training Plan Creation for Coaches

Coaches can now create training plans or blocks of training that can be saved and easily re-used for athletes and teams.

  • Create plans in length from 1-week up to 52-weeks long
  • Organize training plans in your training plan library so they are easy to find
  • Quickly drop an entire plan on an athlete or team workout calendar
  • Shift training plan dates after they have been placed on an athlete or team calendar, or delete plans entirely from a calendar

June, 2014

Upload Workout Files to Planned/Existing Workouts

If you have a coach that puts workouts on your calendar in advance, or if you plan future workouts yourself, you can now upload .TCX and .FIT files to those existing workouts.

  • Upload a file from the calendar page or the workout details page
  • Ensures that you aren't adding two workouts to your calendar (planned vs. actual) if you have a fitness device that you upload data from

.FIT File Uploading

We now support the uploading of .FIT files to import workout data from fitness devices. Our .FIT file integration works with new GPS watches such as the Garmin Forerunner series, the Garmin Fenix series and the Timex Run Trainer watches.

  • Upload a .FIT file directly off of your watch connected via USB
  • Import GPS data to view a map of your workout with distance, duration and speed
  • If you have an advanced fitness device, import additional data such as power, heart rate, and bike and running cadence

May, 2014

Text Message Upcoming Workouts

In addition to having your upcoming workouts emailed to you every evening, you can now select to have them text messaged directly to your phone.

  • Store your phone number and phone service carrier on the Profile & Settings page
  • Workout will be texted to you each day at the time of your choosing
  • If the workout is long, multiple text messages will be sent in order to accomodate your service provider's text message character limit

April, 2014


Our training log dashboard gives you a quick overview of your training, allowing you to see distance and duration totals for specified periods of time and activities.

  • Chart training for specified periods of time
  • Filter on specific activity types
  • See total number of workouts done, total distance, duration and calories burned
  • Your selections are saved so that you see your preferred view the next time you come back
  • View your next three days of upcoming workouts and past workouts, giving you quick access to your workout details pages

Reports & Statistics

Our new workout reporting tool allows you to filter your workout data several different ways, filtering on specific activity types and grouping data in meaningful ways.

  • Select a custom date range of data to view
  • Filter on a specific Activity Type or Sub-Type. For example, view all of the tempo runs you have done in the last six months.
  • Group your date by week, month, activity or activity sub-type
  • View total distance and duration for the selected date range and group
  • Quickly access your workout details page and add comments directly from this report

March, 2014

Coach / Athlete Workout Comments

Coaches and athletes can now leave comments about a specific workout.

  • Access the new comment feature off of the calendar view or the workout details view
  • The ability to also have a copy of your comment emailed to your coach/athlete
  • New comment icon will appear on the calendar letting you know comments have been entered for a specific workout

Team & Club Calendars and Workouts

We now give coaches the ability to create a team calendar that is shared by all members of the team.

  • Your team members will see the workouts on their own calendars and have the ability to toggle them on and off
  • If you have a large team or club that are all on the same schedule, you no longer have to copy a workout to multiple athletes at a time - keep track of only one calendar that everyone can see
  • Add a location and address to a workout to display a map so that your team members know where to meet
  • Team members can still save their individual team workout results to their own calendar

Location Map for Team Workouts

If you use a Team Calendar we now allow you to add a location and address to your workouts.

  • Your team members will see a map of the location and have the ability to quickly get directions to the workout
  • Save often-used locations so that you can quickly reuse them when planning team workouts
  • Location map and directions link is also available to team members on the mobile site

Improved Daily Workout Emails

Our Daily Workout emails now give you two days of workouts in advance to help you better plan your schedule

  • New team workouts and location information is now included
  • Toggle daily emails on and off on your User Settings page
  • Select the hour of the day based on your time zone that you receive the email

February, 2014

Heart Rate and Power Zones

We now allow you to add custom heart rate and power zones to your activities and record time spent in each zone.

  • Create custom zone names and associate your heart rate and power zone ranges to each one
  • Manually record how much time you spent in each zone, or import the data from a Garmin or fitness device
  • Option to view the raw data, or view it in a bar or pie chart format when looking at your workout results

Coaching Documentation

Our Final Surge Coaching Guide is now complete. Our guide takes you through all of the training log features and options available for coaches.

  • Access the Coaching Guide from the main coaching menu or the Coaching Dashboard
  • The guide comes in a downloadable PDF format so that you can view it offline or print it

January, 2014

Running Cadence

We now display and graph running cadence when you import workouts from a workout device with a footpod or built in accelerometer.

  • Graph your cadence and cross reference it with other metrics such as pace, elevation and heart rate
  • Works with the new Garmin Forerunner 220 and 620 with built in accelerometers
  • Works with older devices that require a footpad to record running cadence

Daily Health Vitals

You can now keep track and log your daily health statistics. Our new Daily Vitals feature includes data such as Weight, Resting Heart Rate, Body Fat %, Blood Pressure, Hours Slept and much more.

  • Quickly add and edit your daily vitals from the calendar view using our Quick Add functionality
  • Days you have recorded vitals are indicated by a heart icon on the calendar

Mobile Edition

When you log into your training log account from a mobile device, you will be taken to our new mobile platform. This site allows you to see your workouts on the go and quickly add, edit and update basic workout information.

  • Quickly navigate your workout calendar with both month and week views
  • Simply tap on a workout to view details and metrics
  • Add and edit basic workout information using screens designed for mobile devices
  • Use in conjunction with our full site to get the most from your training log

December, 2013

Workout Library

Save workouts that you do on a regular basis to quickly re-use them when planning out your training. Our workout library works for both the athlete and coach editions of the training log.

  • Save a workout name, description, planned distance and duration
  • Categories by Activity Type and Activity Sub-Type to quickly filter your library lists
  • Add a library workout to your calendar by quickly selecting the new "Library" option
  • Edit your library workout on the fly before saving to your calendar (so you can quickly update pace, distance and duration)

Workout Quick Menu

Increase your efficiency by quickly moving, copying, editing and deleting workouts from your calendar view. If you are a coach, copy workouts to multiple athletes, groups or teams!

  • Quickly edit the planned workout information for your athlete in the Quick Edit side bar
  • When adding or copying a workout, select additional athletes, teams and groups to add the workout to
  • Move a workout around the calendar without having to edit the workout itself
  • Delete workouts from the calendar view

November, 2013

Training Log Branding for Coaches

Increase your branding and marketing efforts as a coach by customizing the look and feel of the training log. Your athletes will see your logo and colors each time they log a workout!

  • Upload your logo to the header of the site
  • Pick colors for various sections of the training log to match the look and feel of your own website
  • Branding is free for all coaching accounts. No setup fees!
  • Put a training log login box on your own website. This keeps athletes coming to your website to log into the training log, seamlessly integrating your branded log with your marketing website.

October, 2013

Coaching Functionality

Are you a coach? Our coaching packages are designed to save you time, money, and help make your coaching services more efficient and effective.

  • Ability to add up to 100 athletes to your account
  • Organize athletes into multiple teams and groups
  • Quickly view when your athletes have logged workouts that you haven't seen
  • Plan workouts days, weeks or months in advance
  • No setup fees
  • Coaching starting for under $16/month (yearly package)

September, 2013

Advanced Workout Analysis

Our Advanced Analysis feature allows you to graph all of your workout metrics at once on the same chart to help better analyze the highs and lows of each workout.

  • Select a point in time on the chart to see exact metrics
  • Toggle on and off each data set including Speed and Pace, Heart Rate, Elevation, Power and Cadence
  • Zoom in to help find correlations between each metric you have charted
  • Better understand your workout to help you improve future performances

Graphical Data Display

If you upload workouts from a Garmin device, our workout details page gives you options to graph data such as speed, pace, heart rate, power and cadence.

  • Toggle between time and distance displays
  • Enlarge each chart and export them to PDFs and images for offline viewing
  • Zoom in to get a more detailed view of portions of your workout

GPS Mapping

Your imported Garmin workouts are automatically mapped to help you better analyze and remember the exact route you ran, biked or swam.

  • Displays markers on the map to show the splits you captured during your workout
  • Standard map, road, aerial and bird's eye views
  • Zoom in for more detailed views of streets, paths and landmarks

Advanced Workouts (Intervals)

Our Advanced Workout functionality allows you to track detailed splits for your interval workouts. Set up workouts based on distance and/or time and save set and interval recoveries.

  • Gives you maximum flexibility for any type of workout based on distance or time
  • Automatically calculates totals and average paces after you have entered your data
  • Our Advanced Workout tutorial takes you step by step through recording all aspects of your workout

Workout Intensity Calculator

Ever wonder what pace you should be doing your long runs in? Or how fast you should do 800m repeats? Our running intensity calculator answers those questions for you.

  • Base workout times off your current fitness level
  • Calculates marathon pace, long run pace, anaerobic threshold (tempo) pace and VO2 Max paces
  • Gives you equivalent race distance performances based off your current PR time

+ More to Come...

Our goal is to continually improve our product and enhance our feature set. Try it out for yourself to see why Final Surge is the ultimate online training log!