ATTENTION: The Final Surge Connnect IQ app is no longer available as we now have a direct sync with the Garmin Connect calendar to get planned structured workouts onto your Garmin device. To learn more about how this works, please visit this Support Page.


Use our beta web platform to plan out your training calendar and build workouts based off of pace, power and heart rate. Sync and execute on your fitness device.

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Download to your Garmin Device

Start the Final Surge app on your Garmin watch or cycling computer and download today's workout, or, choose to download and store up to 5 days of planned upcoming workouts on your device.

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View & Execute Workouts

Quickly access and start today's workout, or, browse past and future workouts from your Final Surge calendar. View the details and launch a workout when you're ready to start training.

Sync Back to Final Surge

Once you've completed your workout, use our Garmin Connect Sync to send the workout back to your Final Surge training calendar, completing the workout for both you and your coach to analyze.

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If you need help connecting your Final Surge account to Garmin Connect and getting your planned structured workouts to sync, click the button below.