Mark Allen Coaching

Beginner Program

This program helps guide someone who is just embarking on their journey in the sport of triathlons. It builds your fitness in each of the three sports safely and guides you through three different phases of training.

The Beginner Program is designed to help you prepare for a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon. It comes with weekly swim, bike and run sessions as well as a strength-training program. You will have 8 workouts per week. Those sessions are split between two workouts per week in swimming, cycling and running plus two strength session.

Note: For longer target race distances and for Sprint/Olympic distance programs that offer 11 and 14 workouts/week check out our Racing Programs.

No prior triathlon experience is required to do the Beginner Program. However, it is advisable to be able to swim about 500 yards or meters in a pool (it doesn’t have to be nonstop, though), bike easy for about 30-minutes, and jog about 20-minutes. From that as a starting point you can readily use the Beginner Program to accelerate your learning curve as you enter one of the most exciting and rewarding sports on the planet.

The Beginner Plan:

$99 per month with a minimum 3-month commitment

  • Comes with workouts based on your preferences of days of the week you like to do each session.
  • Starts you at the fitness level you are currently at in each of the three sports.
  • All training zones are based on heart rate. So, a heart rate monitor is the one piece of technology we strongly recommend your purchase prior to starting your training.
  • You will be monitored closely by Mark as you work through each session.
  • Mark will answer all questions and comments you input into your workout calendar.