These are our programs.

Inspired by, and built for a perfectly imperfect world.

Elevate Your Performance with Mark Allen Coaching

From first time novices to seasoned veterans of triathlons, Mark Allen Coaching has helped elevate the performance of athletes for almost three decades. Mark uses time proven principles to guide every client with training programs that take you from where you are at today and build you into the athlete of your potential.

Backed by 40-years of experience in triathlons, the daily workouts you receive are simple to follow, extremely effective in their results and are designed to make your training a rich experience and the racing results astounding.


Choosing from several options, each training program is built around the number of workouts per week you prefer, the days of the week that you like to do each of the sessions and the length of time you have before your main goal races.

By tracking changes in pace and power, then comparing that to specific heart rates your progress is easy for both you and Mark to track.

Mark Allen is your coach!

Each day your training data uploads into your training calendar after you work out. You can also enter comments about how you felt or questions you might have for Mark about your sessions.

Mark sees all of that and responds with feedback on your progress and your questions. It is an extremely effective way to have a very close coaching relationship with Mark.

It also makes the training very dynamic in that nothing is set in stone. Workouts can be changed and modified as needed to keep you on track to elevate your performance at the races.

About the Workouts

Every swim, bike and run workout has target heart rate zones to follow. The bulk of workouts are aerobic, which helps build the fat burning endurance physiology needed for great racing in a triathlon. Then of course there are tempo and speed sessions that come at appropriate times throughout your schedule that are anaerobic. These work the high-end physiology and help raise all your fitness markers and capabilities.

In addition, there is a four-phase strength program included in with Racing program. This is key to ensuring you have the overall strength, power, resiliency, and durability needed for great triathlon racing.


All swim workouts come with specific sets you can follow, which enables you to do more than just swim back and forth in the pool. That said, if you are part of a Masters swim squad you are always welcomed to continue on with that.

Bike and Run

Most bike and run workouts come with a description of what to focus on in the session as well as a suggestion on what type of terrain to try to do the workout on. All tempo and speed sessions in these two sports come with very specific intervals to follow that will help you build your speed and sense of pacing needed for racing.

Even though the training zones are set by heart rate, it is highly recommended that you use a device that also tracks and records your power, cadence and speed while cycling and your pace and cadence when running. From there both you and Mark will be able to track pure fitness gains as you progress through your training.


These are our programs.

Inspired by, and built for a perfectly imperfect world.