Training Plans by Tom "Tinman" Schwartz

Coach of Tinman Elite & Tinman Track Club

In his 30 years of coaching experience, Tom has developed dozens of NCAA DI runners, national champions, and national record holders. Tom coaches runners from youth to masters, across every distance and platform of running from the track, road, and trail. His training philosophy can be distilled into one phrase: "Keep the ball rolling." Consistent, tough, healthy, and smart training in order to feel your best year-round.

Tom is the head coach of Tinman Elite (, the Boulder-based professional running team that includes Drew Hunter, Reed Fischer, Sam Parsons, Jordan Gusman, and more. As a professional team, Tinman Elite has won several National Championships and secured spots on World Championship teams.

Tom "Tinman" Schwartz, Head Coach of Tinman Elite & Tinman Track Club

Training Plans:

Optimal training doesn't force you to "gut-out" workouts. It generates momentum, balances training elements, and works to move you systematically toward goals without beating your body into a pulp. “Tinman” Optimal Training is based on a combination of science, personal experience as a competitive runner for more than 20 years, and more than two decades of coaching experience.

Marathon Plans

Plan Name Level # Weeks Price  
Tinman's 2:40:00 to 3:20:00 Marathon Training Plan Intermediate 15 weeks $49.95 PreviewBuy

5k/10k Focus Plans

Plan Name Level # Weeks Price  
5k-10k Off-Season Build-up Standard Plan All 12 weeks $49.95 PreviewBuy

High School Summer Training Plans

Plan Name Level # Weeks Price  
Summer Cross-Country Training Plan #1 Intermediate 12 weeks $49.95 PreviewBuy