Donal Moran Coaching

Customised training plans, daily check-ins, advice and tips all along the way.

Having taken to endurance running relatively late and as my own knowledge and running progressed from an initial 10K back in 2014 to where I am today, my race times have continued to improve with the assistance and guidance of a qualified running coach.

I personally found that having a coach provide a customised training program, continuous guidance and feedback as well as weekly mileage/training paces that were tailored to my individual needs and long terms goals was invaluable.

If you are looking for a way to start running or improve your racing performances please get in touch via the "Contact this Coach" link on this page.

What I can Provide:
>Couch to 5k Training Plan
>parkrun Training Plan
>5k Training Plan
>10k Training Plan
>Half Marathon Training Plan
>Marathon Training Plan
>Ultra Training Plan
>One to One Running Coach in London
>One to One coaching sessions
>Video analysis of your running form

What you get:
>Training plan - customised and continuously managed to suit your individual requirements and other life commitments.
>Final Surge Account, available as an app or on your browser.
>Structured Workouts ready to automatically sync with any compatible GPS watch, complete with your very own training paces.
>Daily check in and review of your workouts, unlimited communication via Whatsapp or Final Surge.
>Unlimited advice or guidance on anything running related.

There are limited places available as I don't believe a coach can provide the necessary level of input and assistance while trying to manage a large number of athletes.