Mile High Multisport

Mile High Multisport

World-Class Triathlon Plans

We our proud to announce that we have partnered with Mile High Multisport to offer triathlon training plans from sprint distance to Ironman! Coach Pete Alfino of Mile High Multisport has experienced firsthand the growth and development of the sport of triathlon over the past 25 years. He believes anything is possible with a well written plan and the commitment of the athlete. Coach Alfino's coaching philosophies and training plans have developed novice athletes to podium finishes from local races to the Ironman World Championship qualifiers. Pete believes that anything is possible given a well written plan and a desire to improve, and he has proven that belief time and time again with the success of his athletes.

Pete Alfino
Coach Pete Alfino
Owner and Founder, Mile High Multisport; 25+ Years Multisport Experience

What You Get:

Each Mile High Multisport training plan comes with the following:

  • Mile High Multisport Triathlon Resources (PDF format)
  • Periodic testing and spreadsheet to calculate training zones and nutritional needs
  • Acceptance to the private MHM Facebook page
  • Training plan loaded onto your Final Surge calendar
  • Daily workout reminders detailing your upcoming workouts
  • The Final Surge mobile app, allowing you to view and log your workouts on-the-go