Jeff Galloway Training

Jeff Galloway

America's Coach: Jeff Galloway

We our proud to announce that we have partnered with Jeff Galloway, inventor of the Galloway Run Walk Run method! Jeff has worked with over 200,000 average people in training for specific goals and is an inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year. Each training plan comes with the Galloway Training and Racing Packet. This packet will explain the Jeff Galloway method of training and provide you with all of the resources you need to make your training and racing using the Galloway Run/Walk/Run method a huge success! Regardless of if you are new to running or as seasoned veteran, let Jeff help you attain your goals by training smart and making it to the starting line injury free.

Jeff Galloway
Jeff Galloway
Founder, Jeff Galloway Training; Olympian and American Running Legend

What You Get:

Each Jeff Galloway training plan comes with the following:

  • Training plan loaded onto your Final Surge calendar
  • Links to videos and instructional materials
  • Daily workout reminders detailing your upcoming workouts
  • Access to the Galloway Magic Mile calculator to establish your exact training and racing paces
  • The Final Surge mobile app, allowing you to view and log your workouts on-the-go