ChiRunning Beginner Half Marathon

Plan Length: 16 Weeks

A 16-week training program for your first half marathon using the ChiRunning technique.

Who Should Do This Plan

This program is for you if any of the following apply:

• You can comfortably run or run/walk a 5K and have a BMI of less than 30*
• You are willing and able to train 4 days a week
• You are a beginner runner wishing to increase distance
• You are new to ChiRunning or wish to increase your knowledge of ChiRunning
• You are a beginner runner graduating from a walking or walk/run program
• You want to run pain and injury free

*If you are not yet able to run or run/walk a 5K, we highly recommend beginning with our Chi Walking 8-week Guide to a 5K, then using this program to complete the half marathon distance.

Plan Price: $34.95


Sample Week Of Training

Other - Goal - The Passive Lower Leg

Goal: The Passive Lower Leg
Lesson: Lower Body
Book – p. 86, Chapter 4
DVD – Lesson 3
Drill: Knee-bending Exercise (Book – p. 92; DVD – Lesson 3)
Drill: Determine your Cadence (see Appendix D, p. 93)

Rest Day

Run - 35 min. Form Intervals

35 min. Form Intervals
1 min. on/off Form Intervals: Do the Knee-bending Exercise at the beginning of your workout, repeating the entire sequence three times. Then begin your run.
Focus 1: Limp lower legs: calves, shins, ankles, feet, toes
Focus 2: Heels up, knees down

Planned: 35:00

Rest Day

Run - 35 min. Form Intervals

35 min. Form Intervals + Determine your Cadence
1 min. on/off Form Intervals (same as Tue., different Focuses)

Focus 1: Lift at the Crown of your head and feel the light tension in your low abs
Focus 2: Heels up, knees down

At the end of your run, take 5 minutes to determine your cadence. Time yourself for 30 seconds and count each step. Once done, double that number for your strides per minute.
Set your metronome to match your cadence.
You’ll use your metronome at this cadence for your Saturday LSD run as well.

Planned: 35:00

Rest Day

Run - 6 mile LSD Run

10 min. Alternating Form Intervals: Remember to do pre-run Body
Looseners and post-run stretches today. Use your metronome throughout the run
to make sure your cadence is steady

Suggested Focuses: Limp lower legs • Circular feet • Let your hip swing
back with your leg • Lift at the Crown of your head and feel the light tension in your low abs • Heels up, knees down • Balance in the “window of lean”

Total run time = (Time Trial pace or avg. aerobic pace) x (6)

Hydrate every 10 minutes after the first hour. If you think your LSD Run will take longer than an hour, also plan to take electrolytes

Planned: 6.0 mi

Cross Training - 35 min Fun Run or Cross-Training

Planned: 35:00

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