Mark Allen Coaching

Sprint / Olympic Programs

$149/month with a 3-month minimum commitment

The Sprint and Olympic Distance Racing programs are specifically designed with those two races in mind. Depending on your starting level of fitness in each of the three sports, there can be some workouts that are longer than what you will be doing in each leg of the actual triathlon. This is a key element to building the core fitness needed to excel at these shorter triathlon race distances that are very speed oriented.

You select from 8, 11 or 14 workouts/week. Those are two strength sessions and then the remaining sessions are split evenly between swimming, cycling, and running.

Which Option Should I Choose?

8 workouts/week is perfect for someone still getting their feet wet in the sport. It is a very manageable amount of training that will get you ready for a great race experience at the end. It is also a great option for anyone who is “time challenged”. This option includes the Core Six Workouts, which are a long session and a shorter faster session in each sport every week.

11 workouts/week is our most popular option. This plan takes the 8 workouts and adds in an additional medium length session in each of the three sports each week. This enhances overall endurance and efficiency and is a great choice for those with a bit more experience in triathlon training.

14 workouts/week takes the 11 workouts and add in an additional shorter recovery session in each sport. This is a low stress workout that builds overall consistency into the week of training. This gives a nice boost in overall efficiency of motion. It is good for those who know how to manage several days each week where you have multiple workouts.

What You Get

  • As with all Racing programs, you progress through the three key phases of training: base building, speed, and taper.
  • Swim sessions include specific workouts you can follow. Or as mentioned if you are swim in a Masters program that is perfectly fine to continue doing.
  • Most cycling and running sessions have a key focus to work on in each workout plus a terrain recommendation that helps build your overall strength and stamina as well as dial in the fitness you’ll need for the course profile of your key A race that you create the training plan around.
  • The ability to connect your training device to your calendar. Once you do that, your specific metrics like distance, speed, heart rate, cadence rate and power automatically upload into each workout as you do them.

Mark Is Your Coach:

  • You receive feedback from Mark on all workout data that get uploaded into your calendar when he sees something important taking place.
  • You also get feedback from Mark on all comments or questions you post into your calendar of workouts.