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Simple & Affordable

We offer two simple coaching packages. If you have a small coaching business and only coach one to five athletes, we offer our Starter Coaching package for just over $15/month (yearly package). If you have a bigger coaching business, have a club, high school or collegiate team and need the ability to add up to 100 athletes to your account, you may do so by purchasing the Pro Coaching package for just over $32/month (yearly package). We do not charge a per athlete fee!

All Training Log Features Included with Every Coaching Package. No Setup Fees!

Coaching Functionality

Are you a coach? Our coaching packages are designed to save you time, money, and help make your coaching services more efficient and effective.

  • Ability to add up to 100 athletes to your account
  • Organize athletes into multiple teams and groups
  • Quickly view when your athletes have logged workouts that you haven't seen
  • Plan workouts days, weeks or months in advance
  • Leave comments for your athletes on individual workouts
  • Brand the training log with your logo and colors
  • Put a login box on your own website
  • No setup or hidden fees
Coaching Functionality

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Save time when planning workouts for your athletes by quickly moving, copying, editing and deleting workouts from the calendar view. Additionally, you can copy workouts to multiple athletes, groups or teams!

  • Quickly edit the planned workout information for your athlete in the Quick Edit side bar
  • When adding or copying a workout, select additional athletes, teams and groups to add the workout to
  • Move a workout around the calendar without having to edit the workout itself
  • Workout Library feature allows you to save workouts that you use on a regular basis and quickly add them to your athlete calendars

Drag & Drop Workouts to Quickly Populate an Athlete or Team Calendar

Our drag and drop calendar allows you to quickly move workouts around, copy existing workouts, and add new ones with ease!

  • Drag an existing workout to a new day to move it on the calendar
  • Hold down your Shift key on your keyboard and drag an existing workout to make a copy of it on a new day
  • Drag a workout from your workout library directly onto the calendar to add a new workout to your athlete or team schedule
Drag and Drop Workout Library

Coaching Report

Athlete Workout Reports

Run reports on entire teams or individual athletes, quickly accessing the workout information.

  • Select a custom date range of data to view
  • Filter on a specific Activity Type or Sub-Type. For example, view all of the tempo runs your team has done in the last six months.
  • Group the data to make it more useable for your coaching needs
  • Quickly access your athlete's workout details page and add workout comments directly from this report

Team Message Boards

Enable team message boards and allow one or more teams to interact with each other through a discussion forum.

  • Discuss training topics in a forum environment
  • As the coach, you can moderate the board with special permissions to make sure your athletes stay on topic.
  • Available on full site and mobile apps!
Team Message Boards

Coaching Report

Training Plans

Create training plans or blocks of training that can be saved and easily re-used for athletes and teams.

  • Create plans in length from 1-week up to 52-weeks long
  • Organize training plans in your training plan library so they are easy to find
  • Quickly drop an entire plan on an athlete or team workout calendar
  • Shift training plan dates after they have been placed on an athlete or team calendar, or delete plans entirely from a calendar

Lower Your Costs, Keep More of Your Coaching Revenue!

No setup fees and no per athlete fees.

Coaching Package # Athletes Price
Starter Package (Monthly) Up to 5 $19 /month
Starter Package (Yearly) Up to 5 $190 /year*
Pro Package (Monthly) Up to 100 $39 /month
Pro Package (Yearly) Up to 100 $390 /year*

*Our yearly package gives you savings of 2 free months. If you have over 100 athletes, please contact us.

If you have any questions about our Coaching Packages or the functionality we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.